The World has a huge amount of investors, funds and companies who are constantly looking for projects to financing them.

Investments – the target money, which in any case will be invested in some projects. The magnet for them – is the place where the appropriate conditions are created.

Analogically to as during the development of civilization the cities was building around water bodies, because the availability of water was a guarantee of the life and well-being of people, investors come to the place where the best conditions is. The most important of them are a lucrative project, a trusted partner, conditions for project implementation.

In the world are working clear mechanisms for attracting investments, international standards for project execution are developed. You need to know and correspond to them during the process of finding and engaging with an investor.

We will help you to find potential investors, start negotiations with them, support at all stages of the project implementation.

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If you are an investor, its representative, or you are providing investment services – you can offer your own services and become a partner of the Entrepreneurship Development Center. For more information, see the section “Become a partner of the EDC“.

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