A person who has a good idea can always count on the support of society. Similarly, business can receive irreversible monetary and non-monetary aid for its development. This happens when in the idea of the company, in addition to profit, laid an innovative component, a humanistic idea, a social effect.

For example, when commercial activity leads to a scientific and technological breakthrough, professional development, the growth of legal culture, solving the problems of socially vulnerable groups of the population, improving the environment, launching a chain reaction of business development in a particular territory.

Today, the budgets of international donors aimed at supporting business are tens, even hundreds of billions of euros.

In the world are working clear mechanisms for attracting grants, international standards for project execution are developed. You need to know and correspond to them during the process of finding and interacting with international funds.

We will help you to orientate in a variety of opportunities, find international programs/projects that are tailor-made for your ideas, advise on the first steps in cooperation with the donor, and support at all stages of the project implementation.

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If you are a donor, its representative, or provides international assistance services, you can offer your own services and become a partner of the Entrepreneurship Development Center. For more information, see the section “Become a partner of the EDC“.

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